raise the value of your property before selling it

5 sure ways to raise the value of your property before selling it

Selling your property for a good price is always challenging especially if you need to sell it for fear of an upcoming home repossession. Therefore we thought to come up with 5 tips which don't cost much to do, which could still make your property more valuable.

1. Declutter and make more space

The average people doesn't need around 50% of all things they have at home: maybe it's a cliché but it doesn't mean it's not true. Start sorting things out whether you really need them or not. Force yourself not to put things deep down in a storage place where you won't see them for years to come. Because they will remain and will cause much distress when moving. Clutter is responsible for homes being dustier leading to health related issues, it can be connected to households being more stressful and it is also responsible for household and relationship difficulties. Also, by getting rid of things you don't actually need, your apartment will seem way more spacey, cleaner and neater too.

2. Clean everything thoroughly

After decluttering (or during it) comes the well-deserved cleaning. Every one of us can clean our home a couple of times weekly, but those are not thorough cleaning sessions. In order for you to be able to clean properly, you will need to dedicate a few days just for cleaning. This way, you would clean also under and behind the furniture, clean all textiles and brush off all the tiles. Get your carpets and curtains washed, get the windows cleaned and you will see how better everything will look like. And last but not least, if you don't feel that everything has become as clean as possible, rather call a professional cleaning brigade to make sure all is cleaned the best possible way.

3. Get some additional lights

This really doesn't need all that much of an investment, but getting a few more lights (or getting your actual lights changed to better and trendier looking ones) can do wonders with your rooms. It will make them look brighter, larger and cleaner.

4. Have your apartment/house repainted

And to spice up your rooms and make your home all new looking, there is nothing that works better than a fresh coat of white paint. If you can DIY it it's all the better and cheaper. But if you can't have someone do it for a good price. Why paint it white? Because it's neutral, it makes rooms look visually larger and it's the cheapest paint in the world too.

5. Don't forget about your garden and surroundings

Last but not least, a good looking garden does wonders for the value of a house. Even if you can cut the grass and strategically place some garden accessories and a garden set of furniture somewhere it can do wonders. Remember many people want to move to a house because of its garden.