Know the cost of moving house

Know the cost of moving house

Are you planning to move house? if yes, it's vital to think about the items to budget for and cost of house moving. Read this complete article to know everything you should know regarding surveyor costs, stamp duty, conveyancing, and legal fees.


If you are thinking how to sell my house quick, and you hire a legal adviser to work for you for selling or buying a property, it will cost you approximately ranging between £500 and £1,500 based on the property type. Also, they will perform local searches, which will charge you ranging £250 and £300. Simultaneously, if you are selling a home, you may be capable to bargain a package-deal with your legal adviser.

Property agents

Agents usually work on the basis of commission and if you hire agents then you need to pay them at least 1 to 3 percent of the overall cost of your Fast sale home. Keep in mind, adding 20 percent VAT to this price. Selecting a single agent will reduce the sum of commission you pay, however may restrict the number of people that will see your home. When it comes to fees, property agents prefer a percentage fee, which can be ranging from0.75 percent to 3 percent with VAT of the settled selling price for your house, based on the agreement type you pick.

For saving money, a few sellers used to market their house with the help of autonomous websites, however you will need to put the work on your own and arrange visits, and there'll be a negligible charges to join the website. You can freely negotiate the charges, the majority of agents are comfortable with the negotiation.

Removal costs

At times it's tough to understand whether or not you should book a removal company to look after each and every detail of your move. There are several things to consider while hiring removal company and some of them are explained below-

  • Nature and number of belongings: When it comes to move household stuff, there is a huge difference between shifting a 1BHK flat and moving a 3+ BHK house. More belongings mean more care and more time when packing them for relocating. You can easily manage your move if you are moving locally but if you are moving in other city or state then you should consider taking help from the professionals.
  • Helping hands: relocating from one place to another has never been so easy and a one-man thing so consider whether or not you can really depend on your acquaintances for support.
  • Time: if your planned moving day is coming faster and it's hard for you to deal with it, then it's a high time to find and hire a professional removal company.
Removal costs
Valuation fee

Based on the advance you choose, you may need to pay valuation fee to bank for them to evaluate how much amount they are ready to lend for property. Well, this can range from £150 to £1,500 based on your credit item.