Fast Sale Home

Fast Sale Home

Top Tips for selling your home

If you think "I just need to sell my property quickly in order to gain some extra money and then buy a cheaper home with the income" first you need to think about how to make your property to be sold quickly. As it's not as easy as it sounds we thought to give you a few tips on how to get started:

1. Find the best real estate agency in your area by doing research on the internet

We spend the majority of our times on the internet and therefore when it comes to searching or finding something it's all logical that we turn to the internet. This also means that you need a real estate agency who is really good with its online ads, otherwise there is no way for anyone to actually want to see your property in person. Make sure the photos of the agency are compelling alongside the description of the homes they are selling.

2. Do a research on the actual prices for similar homes in your area

This is extremely important as this is the way of finding out how much your property costs. Naturally you can also do an official home evaluation to find out the price of your property. Then think about the following ways to become more competitive:

  • You sell your home somewhat cheaper ( not much cheaper as you don't want to lose money on the whole transaction)
  • Do your best to increase the value of your home ( make your home feel very well worth of buying)
  • Offer some extras (kitchen or bathroom furniture, garden furniture are the most general examples for that but you can also come up with something else).

3. Make your decision: will you leave it all to the agent or will you handle it on your own?

If you feel you are able to handle this whole selling process along with the compelling ads, the high quality photos the introductions, the showings and all the rest with respect to decluttering, cleaning and refurnishing if required then you can do it on your own. Today's social media possibilities are endless when it comes to you wanting to sell anything. Or if you have work to deal with and you feel your agent is much more professional in this than you are, then leave it all on him or her. We would advise the latter, as real estate agencies are aware of laws, regulations, and taxes and you can also put a legit contract together which you may not be capable of.

4. It all comes down to time

There are two important things about timing:

  • When you are to sell a property with respect to the real estate market's movements
  • How much time have you got to sell your property?

You need to plan all your movements according to these two important factors. Also, your property's price also highly depends on this.

All in all, if you can get hold of a real good agent, then it's definitely half success.